Eunika Simmons

Namaste Beautiful People of Love and Light. My name is Eunika Simmons and i was born and raised on a little planet named Brooklyn. I specialize in utilizing powerful electric transformative creative energy to ignite the body, mind, and soul to produce maximum results in life while pushing one to access their highest potential. I incorporate the spirits of joy, bliss, happiness, fun, love, passion, and much more to manipulate your soul to feel good which motivates one to fully enjoy and reflect these energies throughout life. I begin my transformative work by conditioning the mind followed by opening up the chakras by engaging in a array of creative arts. I work through blockages and begin to clear them away. Depending on what's needed i will go deeper to pull out stagnant energy and help the person come to the realization of whats holding them back. I utilize creative writing to help my clients rewrite their destinies allowing their path to light up with bliss. I use my Entrepreneur skills to coach the person into understanding the power of pushing through life, believing in self, and working hard to reach your highest goals. The last step usually consist of a make over where i use my expertise as a fashion designer to give one a beautiful change on the outside to match the beautiful renewed inner soul. The end result is an empowered soul destined to be successful, strong, full of faith respect love and honor for oneself. This system utilizes the keys of life to unlock the doors leading to your ultimate dreams. I look forward to our journey together. Blessings and More Bliss E.Simmons

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